Why is Quality Assurance a Key Factor For Successful Software Companies?

Software Quality is not only a field of study but it’s also a practice that helps understand the desirable software product’s attributes.

Successful development companies understand full well that quality can’t be an exception. In fact, it is the chief requirement.

Let us look at key factors that make up for superior quality software:


Predictability is one of the most essential aspects of software development services. Lesser the reworks during the development process much better is the overall performance of the software.

However, if the process hits a bottleneck and gets riddled with revisions, then the predictability decreases exponentially.

The amount of reworks is indirectly proportional to the predictability factor. So, in order to ensure superior quality of your end software product, you must see to it that the revisions are as low as possible.


Rigorous implementation of quality processes ensures a fine quality end product. When a software development company consistently follows the quality parameters, they begin to garner attention for their high quality software development services.

These companies begin to establish their name rightfully on the helm of their software development proficiencies.

Software Quality Assurance holds utmost importance in the longer run for companies when they aim to go ahead and build a reputation for themselves.

Employee Satisfaction & Morale

We know that the productivity is directly linked to employee satisfaction and morale. And satisfaction comes from successfully projects. Thorough Software Quality helps achieve the success and satisfaction that comes from genuine hard work.

Enabling the employees to develop a quality application will increase the company productivity.

Client Satisfaction

Client is obviously satisfied when he receives a high quality product. Satisfied customers not only come back with more business, but they also provide positive referral that further boosts the reputation of the company.

Therefore, quality assurance testing not only gives you flawless end software but also helps you churn out the best from the employees and in turn boost their morale and satisfaction.

Necessity and Why QA is important?

To summarize the above thoughts, its concluded that Software Quality Assurance should be an integral and important part of a successful software business.

Quality process and their implementation does increase the cost of overall product but if well-defined and correctly implemented, it minimizes the margin of critical application bugs, re-work and preventing huge financial loses.

The following points need to be taken care of in each and every software development process: –

  • understand how to measure software quality,
  • measure quality as you develop to minimize the cost,
  • get the right tools to do it as required, if not then don’t use it,
  • work with QA teams that know what they’re talking about

Hence, for a software development company, it is highly recommended to invest in Software Quality Assurance Testing. Initially, it may be financially demanding but a satisfied client base and their loyalty guarantees you the return on investment.

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