Seamless Streaming Services with SugarBox Wi-Fi Network





SugarBox aims to provide mobile users with streaming services throughout the country without relying on their internet connection. Now, users across the country will be able to access streaming services seamlessly with the help of extensive SugarBox Wi-Fi network. Be it busses, trains and malls to airports, railway stations and trains; mobile users can latch on to SugarBox Wi-Fi network from anywhere and stream video content.


Video Streaming


Mobile App Development


Java Spring MVC, PHP Laravel Framework, Python, Cassandra, MySQL, Mongo DB


SugarBox nurtured this ambitious idea of providing seamless streaming services to mobile users across India. They were looking to create a single platform that helps mobile users to latch on to SugarBox Wi-Fi connection and access streaming services.


eSoft Technologies contributed in developing the mobile app that can help the users connect with the content server. We employed optimal coding for constructing the functionalities of the app to facilitate smooth video streaming. We helped create a highly intuitive GUI interface of the app in order to ensure smooth communication between mobile users and the CDN system.

Final outcome

eSoft Technologies contributed in building the mobile app that connects the end users to the complex CDN system and facilitates smooth streaming of video data. We assisted in enhancing the interaction between user and the complex CDN system with a highly intuitive GUI design.

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